Posted by on May 8, 2017

It was a productive week for Oliver, with both ODT Ghareeb and Samuel Thomas II having learnt a huge amount by completing their first Badminton.

For ODT Ghareeb it was a first Four Star and a cross country clear with just 5.2 time penalties was one of the fastest of the day – very exciting for the future. Having been in 7th place going in to the show jumping it was not to be a fairy tale ending – an expensive round dropped them down to 16th, but still much to be happy about.

Samuel Thomas has completed two Burghleys before, last year finishing 7th. He also jumped very well across country but glanced off a corner – very uncharacteristic – to pick up 20 penalties in what was otherwise a superb round. He finished the competition in 25th place, but like ODT Ghareeb, with a lot more experience banked for the future.

Oliver & ODT Ghareeb © Trevor Holt

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