Posted by on June 19, 2023

Oliver was delighted with all three horses at Luhmuhlen. Tregilder did a sub-30 dressage test to lie in seventh place at the end of the first phase. Swallow Springs was in 14th place on 31.7 but poor Cooley Rosalent had to do her test beside an electrical fire in the arena. Not surprisingly, she went a little green so didn’t get to show off her best work after that.

Cooley Rosalent was first out across country for the team, and contesting her first five star. She had one green moment but flew around the rest of the course, whilst Tregilder and Swallow Springs both jumped clear to sit in overnight 7th and 8th. 

All came out well on the last day and sailed through the vet inspection. The showjumping was very influential. One down for  Swallow Springs moved him up to seventh, Tregilder lowered two poles dropping to ninth, whilst Cooley Rosalent jumped well for one down, and her first five star completion.

Oliver & Tregilder © Hannah Cole

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