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Owner: Paul Ridgeon

Stable Name: 
Sex: Mare
Foaled: 2014
BE Points at end of 2023: 545

Top results 2023:
Maryland CCI5*: 3rd
Blenheim 8/9yo CCI4*S: 1st (double clear)
Frickley OI: 2nd (double clear)
Burgham OI: 1st (double clear)
Bicton CCI4*S: 6th
Floors Castle CCI3*S: 3rd (double clear)

Top results 2022:
Blair Castle CCI4*L: 2nd
Burgham CCI3*S: 3rd
Upton House OI: 3rd (double clear)
Bramham CCI4*S: 2nd (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls OI: 2nd (double clear)
Cirencester OI: 2nd (double clear)
Oasby OI: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2021:
Le Lion d’Angers 7-year-old World Championship: 7th
Osberton CCIYH3*S: 7th
Cornbury CCI3*S: 5th (double clear)
Houghton CCI3*L: 2nd (double clear)
Burnham Market CCI3*S: 1st (double clear)
Oasby (1) I: 2nd

Top results 2020:
Le Lion d’Angers 6-year-old World Championship: 2nd (double clear)
Burgham CCI2*S: 1st (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (X) I: 5th
Cholmondeley N: 1st (double clear)
Frickley Park (1) N: 1st (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (3) N: 3rd
Lincolnshire N: 6th
Oasby (1) N: 4th

Top results 2019:
Dauntsey Park (1) N: 6th
Rockingham N: 2nd (double clear)
Portman BE100: 1st (double clear)
Lincolnshire BE100: 4th (double clear)
Oasby BE100: 3rd (double clear)

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