Joining an ODT Eventing Partnership is a great way to enjoy the excitement of owning an event horse, but at a reduced cost. Up to 12 individuals can join a partnership, either groups of friends or eventing supporters who have yet to meet – but will undoubtedly become firm friends through their shared interest.


Members pay a set fee for a share in 3 event horses for two seasons. All winnings go back into the pool and at the end of the two years the partnership funds are divided amongst the members, and the agreement terminated.

Partners will be kept up to date with their horses progress and competition results via regular emails, along with financial statements relevant to that partnership. They are obviously welcome to come along to events where their horses are competing, and attend an exclusive yard visit.

Two options are available. The ODT Promise Partnership involves 3 young horses starting out on their careers. They will be competing in Young Horse classes, at BE100 or Novice level this season. Alternatively we are offering the ODT Realise Partnership, with shares in 3 established Intermediate/Advanced horses.

For more information, please email Oliver.